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Employment Law Claims

We understand the difficulties you may encounter as an employee if you are unfortunate enough to become embroiled in a dispute with your employer.


Our employment team can assist you in dealing with such disputes whether you have or are being:-


  1. Discriminated against on the grounds of your race or religion.
  2. Discriminated against on the grounds of your disability.
  3. Suffering from victimisation, bullying or harassment at your place of work.


Or if you have been unfairly dismissed from your employment, our employment team is here to help you.


There are a number of funding options available to you depending upon the merits of your case and your circumstances, including the following:-


  1. Private funding.
  2. Funding provided by a legal expenses insurance policy often contained within your building or contents insurance policy referred to as a LEI policy.
  3. On a no win no fee basis, known as a Damages Based Agreement or DBA in employment cases.


These cases are subject to very strict time limits, mostly a 3 month time limit from the effective date of termination or from the date of the last act of discrimination or victimisation complained of. It is, therefore, important for you to act quickly.


Why not contact our employment team and let us help you in this difficult and stressful time.