Serious and Catastrophic Accident Claims


Serious and Catastrophic Accident Claims



If you or a member of your family has been involved in an accident, as a result of which you have sustained serious or catastrophic personal injuries, within the last 3 years which was not your fault, you can claim compensation.


We have experience of acting for victims of serious accidents which has left them seriously disabled and struggling to cope with their life. The effects of sustaining serious injuries not only has an effect on your physical ability but can also leave you feeling emotionally traumatized and psychologically affected.


Many of our clients’ have informed us that when they were initially injured in a serious accident they found themselves feeling helpless, frightened and fearful about their future. In many cases some unfortunately become depressed and felt unable to cope.


We have acted for a number of clients who have suffered serious and catastrophic injuries in accidents and have been able to not only secure sizeable compensation awards for them, including several six figure awards, but have also assisted them in managing and coming to terms with their loss.


Kindly check the link to view examples of some of the six figure awards we have secured for our clients.


Worried about your future? We can pursue a claim for your future losses, where relevant, including your future loss of earnings and future care and healthcare needs.


It is essential that you claim all that you are entitled to. Contact the Accident Specialist Solicitors with experience of handling such claims. Your claim may include:-


Personal injury

Loss of earnings

The cost of relative care

The cost of operative treatment

The cost of rehabilitation treatment

Physical rehabilitation – Physiotherapy charges

Psychological rehabilitation – Cognitive behavioural therapy charges


We act on a No Win – No Fee basis”.


Contact us now and allow us to assist you maximise your compensation. See the link for examples of clients who we have helped.