Islamic Sharia Wills


Our wills and probate department is able to offer a specialised service entailing the preparation of an Islamically Sharia compliant will.


We have specialised in this area and by doing so are able to offer a diverse legal service.


The Islamic Sharia will, has been ordained upon Muslims by Allah swt. In Surah Nisa Ayat number 11 and 12 and other Ayats of the Holy Quran guidance is given regarding wills.


In Sahih Al Bukhari, volume 4, Hadith 2738 and other Hadiths guidance is given regarding wills.


Contact our wills and probate department who will be happy to prepare an Islamic Sharia will for you.


We have responded to the demand of clientele by offering this service which enables them to fulfil their Islamic duty of providing for their family after their death.