Victimisation / Bullying / Harassment Claim


If you have been the victim of victimisation, bullying or harassment at your place of work and feel that your employer is failing to act to protect you from such, why not contact us to discuss the matter.


We have successfully acted for clients in such circumstances and managed to secure compensation awards for them.


In today’s world such discrimination is not tolerated by the law and rightly so. An important point to remember is that you must bring any claim for victimisation, bullying or harassment within 3 months from the date of the act. In some cases the employer will commence an internal investigation procedure following a grievance by you. You must ensure that the 3 month time limit is adhered to, notwithstanding the fact that the employer’s internal investigation procedure is taking place.


These claims are not only very time sensitive but can be quite complex.


Please don’t suffer in silence, contact us and allow us to help you.